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January 18, 2008



Sounds awesome! Maybe next year.... Woo Hoo! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Erica Clements

We're really excited to see what you have planned for this. It's such a needed discussion for couples who work together.

Joshua Smith

This looks cool!
You guys ROCK!

matt feyerabend

Jeff ... We can't wait to see the details!

ashley parsons

this totally interests us, as we absolutely love your work and also realize that we need help on this incredible journey of being full time together! Such a great idea!

Jason Williams

It would be great to attend your conference - my wife and I are working on our business together - with 2 kids and 1 on the way we're anxious to see how other couples make it work.
I met you guys at the 2006 SPA event and was inspired by the business you were able to build while raising a family. Keep me up to date!


ok dude, I think that I have been more than patient while waiting for you to give your blog attention, which in turn, makes my day! LOL Miss you guys! Glad that you are busy and hope that it is with business and not life disasters!

Have a groovy weekend and just to let you know... it has been almost 3 months since your last post, therefore, be tollerant of my complaints. I am going through Woods withdrawls...

Peace out guys!


Awww.... your new website is groovily rockin' guys! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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