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September 18, 2008


Melissa McClure

Oh I love Fired Up! I used to go there all the time! What a great workshop. I look forward to attending in a few years time.

Garrett &  Joy

Simply amazing. The absolute best investment we could have made for our marriage, for our family and for our business. And it couldn't have come at a busier and more appropriate time.

Thanks J&J for giving of yourselves even when there's nothing more to give.

We love you.

-the nudds

Rachel LaCour Niesen

Thanks to everyone who participated – both hosts and attendees – for making this workshop an investment in life. I truly believe this should be a priority for every couple working together. We all need a reminder that we are building a family legacy before we are building a business. Next time, we hope to hang out for more time :)

Rachel & Andrew Niesen


This was such a gift for Tami and I. We're so grateful to be a part. Thank you Woods Family. We love you!

... and we can't wait until next year.

brandy j

WOW! Making the decision to attend this was not hard and after experiencing what we did at One we realized that the decision was imperative to our relationship. We learned so much about not only us as a couple but each other as individuals. We are so grateful to you, J&J, for making all of this happen. It is a true testament to how much you cherish your marriage.


brandy j and sticky

Ron Dawson

Simply an amazing experience! I can't wait until next year. Thanks Jeff and Julia for your sacrifice to make this happen.

dawn and bob davis

This conference was exactly what our marriage, our family and business needed. The information we received was invaluable.

If you are a couple in need of some reassurance that you're not alone trying to find your way to a balance that works for you, then these fews days will bring amazing, insightful ideas and profound ways to dramatically improve your way of thinking!

Life is a journey and only we hold the map!

Thanks Jeff and Julia for taking on this conference and putting your heart and soul into making it exactly what we needed. We are so grateful...!!!

Much love to you both and to all who attended this with us!

~ Dawn & Bob


The Romance is flowin' like the Peoria River over here at the Rammel household!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Paul and Mecheal Johnson

WOW! Reading through all of these comments is like a portal into my soul. The connections we made with new people and realizing that we all share this huge common thread was exhilarating. Thank you, thank you very much, Julia and Jeff for following the lead to make this happen. Thank you for all of the countless hours you spent pouring your whole being into making this the success it was. Thank you to all of the couples who sat on the panel. Thank you for letting us into your very private world, simply to give us insight and hope. Thank you for sharing that no one couple has "it all together" but we can all gather nuggets of useful information that will help everyone along. I would have to say that this ONE conference is a must if you are a photographer who has a spouse. There were many couples whose spouse wasn't a shooter but none the less that person is their partner and they do experience the stress that comes along in this profession. We can't wait until next time! love mecheal and paul

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